What you will learn


Stablecoins are the foundation of the Decentralized Finance movement

You will learn:
  • How stablecoins works

  • Design considerations to create stablecoins

  • How to create your own stablecoin

1 guy sitting on top of a printer and 2 people holding the sheet coming out of the printer. The sheet has the DAI symbol

Decentralized lending

Decentralized lending platforms provide loans to anybody without the need of a central authority

You will learn:
  • How decentralized lending platforms work

  • Design considerations and patterns

  • How to create a decentralised lending platform

Prediction Markets

Prediction markets allow parties to trade based on the outcome of events

You will learn:
  • How prediction markets work

  • Design considerations to create a prediction market

  • How to create your own prediction market platform

One person is standing and sending money to another person that is sitting in the floor


A derivative is a financial instrument with a value that is derived from an underlying asset

You will learn:
  • How derivatives work

  • Design considerations and patterns

  • How synthethic tokens work

  • How to create a derivatives platform

Two people doing agreement

Decentralized exchanges

Decentralized exchanges platforms allow users to trade tokens a without a central party

You will learn:
  • How decentralized exchanges platforms work

  • Design considerations and patterns

  • How to create a decentralized exchange platform

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Our courses start with a deep understanding of how the existing defi platforms work


Learning the reasons why the defi platforms were created


Once we have understood and created our DeFi platform, we will be able to create new protocols and innovate


By creating minimal versions of DeFi platforms, allows us to put into practice the knowledge gained

Learn the leading DeFi platforms

Their mechanisms, design and how to create them from scratch

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