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In this course you will learn

  • How stablecoins works

  • Design considerations to create stablecoins

  • How to create your own stablecoin

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction to Stablecoins

    The need of Stablecoins

    What are Stablecoins?

    Types of Stablecoins

    Most used Stablecoins

    How Stablecoins works

    Stablecoins backed by fiat

    Stablecoins backed by Commodity

    Stablecoins backed by Collateral

    Algorithmic Stablecoins

  2. Analysing the Liquity Stablecoin

    Ecosystem Participants

    Liquity Architecture

    Main mechanisms

  3. Creating a Stablecoin

    Creating a Stablecoin from scratch                                                                                                


Basic knowledge Blockchain technologies

1 year of experience coding in any programming language

Participants should have completed the following courses:

  • Solidity 101: Introduction to smart contracts*

  • Solidity 102: Introduction to tokens*

*These are free of charge once you purchase this course